Whole Red Snapper with Fennel, Tomatoes, and Onions



The other day I got a text from my friend Elena asking if I wanted to cook a whole fish. The answer was, “of course!” I love trying new things in the kitchen, nothing besides dairy and cilantro are off limits (more on my cilantro hatred later). We decided a Sunday night dinner would be the perfect time to embark on this adventure. On Sunday afternoon, we headed to the neighborhood fish market to see what whole fish they had for us. We caught eyes with the red snapper and it was all over. Elena found a recipe from Saveur and we were off!

IMG_9497 (1)

Here’s our beautiful, fresh red snapper. I didn’t name him for fear of getting too attached.

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Chocolate Stout Cake with Raspberry Filling and Whiskey Frosting



IMG_8103This cake is delicious. I have served it to many, many people at this point, between the wedding and allll the test cakes. It is not the world’s moistest chocolate cake but the frosting and filling make up for it. It stays together and comes out of the pan very cleanly which makes it perfect for frosting. Also, beer in cake! What could be bad?

IF you want to make a wedding cake (you crazy kid!), I suggest tripling this cake recipe and multiplying the frosting recipe by as much as 6 or 7 times to make sure you have more than enough. If you want to read the whole saga of how I made a wedding cake, check out the post below or follow this link. Continue reading

Farmer’s Market Sandwich with Garlic Scape Pesto, Squash, Onion, and Tomatoes


photo 1 (2)

I’m reintegrating into real life after a great 4th of July weekend away. I went upstate with some friends, where we cooked and hiked, and went to an amazing sculpture park called Storm King Art Center. Check out the pictures below.

photo (5)photo (6)

Coming off that great weekend, yesterday I got to go to a camp for work. It was a nice day, and I was able to get out early enough to hit up the Union Square Greenmarket for some fresh summer produce. What could be better? The craziest thing I picked up was garlic scapes. I didn’t know what to do with them but I was ready for a food adventure. The internet said pesto, so pesto I did!

photo 3

The spoils from my trip to the farmer’s market, including garlic scapes, those crazy-looking green things.

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Chicken Tacos with Mango, Pickled Radish and Pickled Red Onions


2014-06-12 20.53.30 I made these delicious tacos last week after I saw one too many quick pickle recipes. I have just begun to foray into pickling, and it is so easy and fun! Nothing beats a great pickled red onion. The key is to pair it with something a little fatty. The vinegar will cut the fat and round out the dish. A few months ago I tried adding pickled red onions to my vegan spaghetti squash tacos. It was vinegary onions on vinegary BBQ squash. Definitely not a success, but it was certainly a learning experience.

I combined a couple different recipes to create this taco. I got the chance to use some beer from my fridge (the place where beer goes to be forgotten), our new mandolin, and some leftover radishes. I added mango for a little sweetness, and because if I could add mango to anything I probably would. Stir fries, tacos, a plastic bag so I can bring it to lunch… you name it! Continue reading

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins



I’ve been thinking about these muffins all week, but two things were stopping me from making them: I didn’t have lemons and I didn’t have poppy seeds. I finally got to the supermarket yesterday, and here we are. Saturday morning muffins!

I have a particular fondness for lemon poppy seed muffins. I remember in middle school I used to get them all the time at the coffee shop in town while I waited for my hebrew school carpool. The coffee shop used to get some of their baked goods from a nondairy bakery, which was great for me. I’ve never tried making them myself before, but today seemed like a great day to try! Continue reading

Spring Vegetable Bibimbap with Ramps and Fiddleheads




Happy spring! The weather here in New York has finally calmed down, and there have been plenty of nice days to enjoy the blue sky and green grass (between all the grey buildings). There are some cult classic vegetables that go along with the season, and I’m pretty sure being mildly obsessed with them is a prerequisite to being a food blogger.

I’m talking about fiddleheads and ramps, people! It’s rampmania in the food blog world! I’m a little late in the game, but I made this delicious bibimbap with some friends a couple weeks ago and I needed to share it with you. Continue reading

Coconut Milk Ramen Soup



Ramen! Yum! I had a craving today, thinking about all the veggies sitting in my fridge and wondering what to do with them. Then it hit me. Ramen, it’s perfect! I walked into the Japanese market that I always pass but never go into, and found classy ramen. You know what I mean. Ramen without the spice packet (this variety is actually a dollar more expensive than the one with the packet). These are real noodles, made with wheat and water. C’est tout. Try and find it if you can. Otherwise, good old Top Ramen will work, but for goodness sakes, throw that packet away!

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