Challah Waffles


Today is a good day. There was a blizzard here in New York so the world is covered in a beautiful white blanket. And my office is closed! I get to spend a wonderful day on the couch with my roommates, cooking, eating, and watching TV. At some point I’ll probably venture out. If I had snowpants I would already have made a snow angel. It’s times like these I miss having a yard. Regardless of whether or not I go outside, there will definitely be hot chocolate.

I’ve been thinking of making yeast waffles for a while now. When we got out of work early yesterday, I decided last night was the perfect time to prepare them. I knew they’d make the best snow day breakfast. You let the dough rise in the fridge overnight and in the morning you get doughy, bready waffles. One of my favorite bloggers, Molly Yeh of, has a recipe for yeast waffles that I instantly needed to try. They aren’t any regular yeast waffles, these babies are CHALLAH WAFFLES! Yes, you heard me. The recipe for the dough is similar to challah dough, and you knead in pearl sugar before throwing them on the waffle iron.


The snowy world outside my apartment window.

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Tortilla Espanola


ImageTortilla Espanola is an egg and potato dish similar to a fritata but a little more technically complicated. I first tried it on a trip to Spain one summer, made by my friend’s Spanish grandmother. Yaya’s tortilla was incredible, I think I need 50 more years to perfect it like she has. I’ve made it five or six times, and I can assure you it gets easier with practice.

The most complicated part is the flip. Once the bottom of the pan has cooked and browned, you have to flip the entire contents of the pan over. In Spain, this dish is so ubiquitous that they have a special plate for tortilla flipping! I usually use a cutting board. Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Scones – The Ultimate Crowd Pleaser



Last Sunday, we celebrated the bachelorette party of a friend who is getting married in a week. It was a bachelorette brunch that required the perfect breakfast sweet. What could be better than scones?

These are my favorite recipe to have in my back pocket at all times. By back pocket, in this modern world, I mean saved as a draft in my email. Scones are always a hit wherever I bring them. They seem so much fancier than chocolate chip cookies, when really they take just as little work. Delve into this easy recipe and enjoy!  Yum! Continue reading