Delicious Meals: Dill Restaurant


I just got back from a wonderful trip to Iceland! We spent two days in Reykjavik and three days driving the Southern coast. It was a beautiful, magical, vast country and we saw some crazy scenery.

Our first night, we had a meal at Dill, one of the nicest restaurants in Reykjavik. It was certainly the fanciest meal I’ve ever had. Even though I didn’t cook it, I thought it could have a place on this blog (I obsessively took pictures of each course and tried to take notes as best I could). I’m going to use this post to start a series called “Delicious Meals,” a space to post about restaurants I’ve been to that have been particularly notable and kind to my allergy.

Dill was extremely accommodating to our dietary needs. They made sure each of my plates was completely dairy-free, while making different augmentations for my friend Misha, who is a vegetarian. Kari, our third friend, was able to eat the original dishes with no substitutions. Part of the fun was comparing and contrasting our dishes to each other. It made it even more special!

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Scallion Pancakes



I haven’t blogged in a while, so that was my plan for today. Well, first I went to a craft fair and got some vegan ice cream, but then it was cooking or bust! I was feeling completely uninspired until a Facebook post changed all that. From my friend Steve: “Does anyone want some (potentially strong) scallions? We’re harvesting what we have in our terrace garden in order to make room for basil & tomato plants, and there’s more than what we can possibly use. Let us know if you want some!” Continue reading

Jacqui and Shira’s Epic Baked Apples


IMG_0325-0.JPG A few weekends ago I went away with some friends. We just traveled a few hours from the city and rented a house for the weekend (I’m going through an Airbnb obsession right now). My favorite thing to do on a weekend away, which should come as no surprise, is to cook big fun meals and get everyone involved. All my friends were on board, but this group came with lots of baggage. I’m dairy-free, someone else is gluten-free, and someone else is vegetarian. Oof! Daunting, right? It’s a good thing we’re up for a challenge.

Gluten-free desserts are often a hit-or-miss game for me. I have a few go-to recipes (see chewy chocolate brownie cookies), but baked apples might be my favorite. These babies are so much better than what probably comes to mind when I say “baked apples.” My friends in college would sometimes make these for us on long nights of baking. They are cored, plugged with peanut butter, stuffed with oats and chocolate chips, and plugged back up with more peanut butter. Pro tip: they make an excellent breakfast. They are so easy and SO good. Thank you Jacqui and Shira for this deeeelish recipe! The only negative is that they take about an hour to bake and the smell can really try my patience. By the time they were done in the oven during our girls weekend, almost everyone was asleep! We ended up with baked apples for breakfast and no regrets. Continue reading

Creamy Cashew Cheese



My apartment is abuzz with activity preparing for our Friendsgiving celebration tomorrow.  On the menu: turkey, stuffing, roasted veggies, all while we watch classic Thanksgiving episodes from our favorite shows.  It’s going to be great!

When we entertain in our apartment, we do it right.  That means we always have a cheese plate.  Instead of opting for my favorite store-bought cashew cheese (Tree Line Cheese), I decided to make some myself.  It’s a long process, but it’s so worth it.  Each time I try it, I’m happier and happier with the result.  My roommate says it tastes like cheese!  Huzzah!

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