Fall Butternut Squash and Tofu Ricotta Pizza with Porter Date Jam and Arugula


Happy fall! Once you get past the very up and down change in temperature, fall is delightful. I’ve had a pretty busy couple of weeks. Last weekend I visited a friend in Philadelphia, and we went to a crazy amazing vegan restaurant called Vedge. We had fancy drinks, salt cured beets (think vegetarian lox), spicy Korean tofu, and incredible maitake mushrooms, among other things. It was so wonderful, if you’re ever around Philadelphia, I recommend it for meat eaters and vegans alike. We also hit the Italian market, which is a bunch of food stands with fresh produce, cheese, and meat all over the place. It was a great place to walk around and have a visual feast without even buying anything.


Salt cured beets at Vedge– yum!

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