Chicken Tacos with Mango, Pickled Radish and Pickled Red Onions


2014-06-12 20.53.30 I made these delicious tacos last week after I saw one too many quick pickle recipes. I have just begun to foray into pickling, and it is so easy and fun! Nothing beats a great pickled red onion. The key is to pair it with something a little fatty. The vinegar will cut the fat and round out the dish. A few months ago I tried adding pickled red onions to my vegan spaghetti squash tacos. It was vinegary onions on vinegary BBQ squash. Definitely not a success, but it was certainly a learning experience.

I combined a couple different recipes to create this taco. I got the chance to use some beer from my fridge (the place where beer goes to be forgotten), our new mandolin, and some leftover radishes. I added mango for a little sweetness, and because if I could add mango to anything I probably would. Stir fries, tacos, a plastic bag so I can bring it to lunch… you name it! Continue reading