Tortilla Espanola


ImageTortilla Espanola is an egg and potato dish similar to a fritata but a little more technically complicated. I first tried it on a trip to Spain one summer, made by my friend’s Spanish grandmother. Yaya’s tortilla was incredible, I think I need 50 more years to perfect it like she has. I’ve made it five or six times, and I can assure you it gets easier with practice.

The most complicated part is the flip. Once the bottom of the pan has cooked and browned, you have to flip the entire contents of the pan over. In Spain, this dish is so ubiquitous that they have a special plate for tortilla flipping! I usually use a cutting board. Continue reading


Crazy Sweet Potato, Apple, and White Bean Dip Sandwich



Stay with me. I know it sounds crazy. Apples and sweet potato in a sandwich? Together? Insane!

This sandwich is a hodge podge of two different vegetarian sandwiches I used to have all the time one summer while I was living in Cambridge, MA. I was doing an architecture summer program and we had very quick lunch breaks. I had the same sandwich about a million times, occasionally switching to a similar sandwich at a different place, and today I was feeling nostalgic. Continue reading