An Ode to Beer Bread



I love discovering new beer. I like trying to figure out what I like best about different varieties and I looove cooking with it. In my apartment we tend to stock up on beer when we’re having a party and then we wind up with a bunch of leftover bottles. I’m not complaining, of course, but they just tend not to get finished up for weeks and they take up so much room in the fridge. In comes beer bread to save the day!

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Chocolate Chip Scones – The Ultimate Crowd Pleaser



Last Sunday, we celebrated the bachelorette party of a friend who is getting married in a week. It was a bachelorette brunch that required the perfect breakfast sweet. What could be better than scones?

These are my favorite recipe to have in my back pocket at all times. By back pocket, in this modern world, I mean saved as a draft in my email. Scones are always a hit wherever I bring them. They seem so much fancier than chocolate chip cookies, when really they take just as little work. Delve into this easy recipe and enjoy!  Yum! Continue reading