Cashew Cheese en Croute



It’s almost Thanksgiving!  What better way is there to celebrate than to invite some friends over for turkey and Thanksgiving TV episodes?  So that is exactly what we did.  My roommates and I made our first turkey!  We made a feast, but I’m only going to blog about a couple of the recipes.  I’m still full.

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Creamy Cashew Cheese



My apartment is abuzz with activity preparing for our Friendsgiving celebration tomorrow.  On the menu: turkey, stuffing, roasted veggies, all while we watch classic Thanksgiving episodes from our favorite shows.  It’s going to be great!

When we entertain in our apartment, we do it right.  That means we always have a cheese plate.  Instead of opting for my favorite store-bought cashew cheese (Tree Line Cheese), I decided to make some myself.  It’s a long process, but it’s so worth it.  Each time I try it, I’m happier and happier with the result.  My roommate says it tastes like cheese!  Huzzah!

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An Introduction



My name is Eve, and I’m allergic to milk.  This isn’t the first thing I tell people, and I don’t like to define myself by my allergy, but there it is on the table.  You know what else is on the table?  Some warm cookies, some comforting soup, some delicious homemade bread… I love to cook, and I love proving to people that leaving out dairy doesn’t mean leaving out flavor.

Growing up, we made everything from scratch.  I would invite friends over to bake, and sometimes make cookies with my mom to bring along with me to a birthday party.  Cooking and baking have always been something fun, not overwhelming, never hindered by my allergy.

I have started this blog to show you all the recipes I make everyday by adapting dairy-laden recipes or making them up myself.  I’m not looking to change the world.  I’m not revolutionizing anything.  I just want to show you the simple adaptations you can make to live a dairy free lifestyle, or enjoy a dairy free meal!

Some of my recipes will be nut-free, vegan, vegetarian, etc., some will be meaty and delicious.  I’m going to make delicious food first, and worry about where it fits in later.  I hope you like what I come up with!